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  • Customers like
    • Some readers arent rude even when you question them 2
    • Site is good in format but it didnt work in practice 1
    • Working there 1
  • Customers don't like
    • None of the predictions came true 3
    • Low pay 3
    • Reader never called me back 2
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Worst of the worst, don't waist your money please. I have found cheaper psychics sites that were BETTER. Easy psychics. 7 senses psychics, on 7 sense it depends on whom u talk to, not all good.

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i don't know why they are listed among the best. They are the worst. No real answers to your questions. Not accurate at all. I have used other psychics who were far more better.

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I have spent alot of money over the years on physic source. Very few perdictions came true. Its more like the timeline keeps getting moved up so you will call back.

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Spent 5 days waiting to talk to a top psychic. Used my mothers card for funds. They decided to suspend my account the day id FINALLY get to talk to him.

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I had a good experience with PS they been on point with me I've talked to Sammie, Janax and Bridgett who were all actuate. I'm not understanding why the bad reviews. Sometimes ppl can't handle the truth.

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The worst experience I had with Psychic Source is that one of their customer service reps hacked my credit card information and was using it to make fraudulent purchases! Shortly after I added money to my PS account, someone began using my card number for Uber rides, to take out payday loans and for a subscription. Luckily I contacted my CC issuer in time and had all of those charges removed and a fraud alert put on the acct. I've... Read more

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I would not recommend this service at all i worked in their small call center up until recently and these agents love to talk about our customers and say how crazy they must be to spend money on our service but thats why they call cause they are crazy insane losers but hey we'll take your money anyways they talk amongst each other and say very mean nasty stuff about our customers!!!

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False hope was all i ever got! some time lines resonated but the final out come of a love interest never manifested. I have been calling them for over 4 years wasted money, heart broken, and disappointed. I kept being led on that what I wanted to happen would eventual come true. Never did. I got up enough will power not to continue to call back but i was hoping that what i wanted to come to light would eventually come to pass. These people... Read more

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I have read over a few years with this company trying different advisors- I have spoke with the top- middle- and bottom readers on this sight. Ricky gets all 5 stars but not one prediction ever came true! Told me a old flame got into a motorcycle accident and screwed up his arm- (talked to my old flame- it never happened!) Moira told me I would end up in the city and not be able to keep my horse with me (I live in the country now and have my... Read more

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I have purchased an introductory package with psychic source and I am not happy at all so far. The best psychics on the site are never available to talk and when you use the option for them to ring you back they never do. I have given up on some of them for lack of replying... I also have tried to use the chat with some of them but the reader in question appeared to be copying something out of a text book. It sort of felt like a bit of... Read more

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